Internationale anbefalinger af Mikkel deMib Svendsen og SEO 2.0

Jeg tillader mig, at være en smule stolt over de mange ubetingede anbefalinger jeg har modtaget fra internationalt anerkendte eksperter. Det er måske ikke så "dansk" at prale af den slags, men det synes jeg er noget pjat. Jeg er stolt og det man må godt være.
Og anbefalinger, som dem nedenfor, har faktisk også en værdi for dig. For de er med til at understrege, og dokumentere, min brede erfaring med, at formidle viden om SEO, samt min solide forankring i det internationale SEO miljø. Det er din bedste garanti for, at du får solide og fagligt stærke SEO bøger fra mig.
Anbefalingerne på denne side er skrevet på engelsk. Du kan læse danske anbefalinger her.


Shari Thurow, Forfatter og søgemaskineekspert

"I consider Mikkel deMib Svendsen to be one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) professionals worldwide, with a vast knowledge of the technical aspects, keyword analysis, and link development required for successful, long-term traffic and conversions.

Now Mikkel is sharing his considerable search engine knowledge with his outstanding book, SEO 2.0, which I consider required reading in the search marketing industry."

Shari er stifter og SEO Director på Omni Marketing Interactive og forfatter til bøgerne Search Engine Visibility og When Search Meets Web Usability


Aaron Wall,

"One of the few things brighter in our industry than Mikkel's suits is his mind. He has done everything from corporate to affiliate, squeaky clean to deep dark algorithm testing. Having worked on complex enterprise-level sites in an international environment (and inside search companies) few people have the SEO wisdom and experience Mikkel does. And fewer yet have is creativity."
Aaron Wall er forfatter af en af de mest solgte SEO-bøger verden: SEO Book.


Marshall Simmonds, Chief Search Strategist – New York Times

"Mikkel is an industry leader with vast knowledge from both sides of the SEO debate! His insight and experience (and now book) is a welcomed addition to a topic that needs clarity and professionalism."
Marshal er også CEO og medstifter af Define Search Strategies


Bryan Eisenberg, Forfatter og stifter af FutureNow 

"In a marketplace where it is getting progressively more difficult to stand out, Mikkel has the talent to highlight the obscure. Mikkel’s book SEO 2.0 will help you do the same for your business. He shares details you won’t find easily elsewhere."
Bryan er en af verdens førende eksperter i konverteringsoptimering og bestseller forfatter på New York Times med Call to Action & Waiting for Your Cat to Bark


Martin Thorborg, Forfatter og iværksætter

"Mikkel understands the technical stuff, the business buzz and the human nature.
That combination is truly unique and gives Mikkel the advantage that other SEO’s lack and envy. Only Mikkel can write a book like this and thank you for doing so!"


Chris Sherman, Executive Editor

"Mikkel is one of the most experienced SEOs practicing anywhere on the planet. We always seek him out to speak at our Search Marketing Expo shows, because we know he'll deliver not only cutting-edge tips and techniques, but ways to apply them creatively and effectively long before his methods become mainstream best practices. You won't just read this book - you'll want to have it available 24/7 so you can constantly refer to it as you take your search engine optimization efforts to the next level."


Bill Hunt, Forfatter og stifter af GlobalStrategies 

"With this “must-own” book we will finally get all of the secrets and best practices hidden away in the mind of one of the worlds leading thought leaders and experienced practitioners of SEO."

Bill Hunt er medforfatter til bogen Search Engine Marketing Inc.


Joost de Valk, Wordpress SEO ekspert 

"Mikkel is one of the people in this industry I've learned the most from, and who can still teach me new stuff on a regular basis, even though I've been in this industry for quite a while myself now. He truly is one of the all time greatest in SEO, which is quite a feat if you're not from the US. This book should not be dealt with lightly, but instead, learned by heart, and read from back to back a couple of times."


Kristpher Jones, President & CEO, Pepperjam

"Mikkel's book is the most comprehensive ever written on the subject of SEO. With over 900 pages and exclusive chapters not typically covered in other SEO books this is a must read for anyone who owns or manages a website."


Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz

"During my years in the search industry, I have met some very talented marketers and a few extremely smart technologists, but rarely have I come across someone as skilled in both arenas as Mikkel. His advice is not only authoritative, but prescient; apply it liberally and your web marketing campaigns are guaranteed success."


Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative

"When I learned that Mikkel was setting out to write the definitive SEO book, I knew, having known him and his SEO brilliance since the early days of SEO, that it would be THE book to read. I was right. SEO books are a dime a dozen these days with many written by “professional experts” I’ve never heard of that upon reading them don’t have 1/100th the project experience Mikkel has. There’s an advantage to learning from someone who’s been in SEO since day one AND works constantly to staying not only current, but ahead of the curve. Read this book."


Ralph Tegtmeier aka fantomaster,

"Having known Mikkel deMib Svendsen for untold years now, I can positively testify that he has probably forgotten more about applied search engine optimization (SEO) than most other people in this industry can ever hope to learn in a lifetime. Be it "white hat", "grey hat" or "black hat", he's been into it all.

Mikkel's hands-on pragmatic, "take no prisoners" approach to gaining top rankings in organic search results is governed by one single, simple yet all-important goal: success. This book of his is the most comprehensive and detailed SEO manual ever written (and I've seen them all...) - a veritable "bible" of SEO.

This makes me quite confident that it will be a ripping success - hoping that he'll make it available in other languages as well. And soon!"


Disa Johnson, Redaktør af SearchReturn

"Mikkel has consistently been the greatest, most creative and cleverest search marketing experts I have known. He is adept with business concepts and has a high understanding of technology. That makes his expertise clearly stand out. His impact is felt across the globe from the United States and throughout the world to Europe where he excels. Anyone doing global business with search marketing would be smart to know about Mikkel and learn from a master."


Jason Duke, Strange Logic

"I have known Mikkel for a number of years and worked with him and his team on various projects. I have learnt that when it comes to search matters, wherever the client business is located, wherever the prospects reside, whatever the competitiveness of the industry or however large the "internal challenges" may be, Mikkel quite simply knows the answers to get the work done. His exuberant nature as well as his special suits allow and deliver a free thinking, creative mindset and I have yet to see a busines meeting where Mikkel doesn't deliver in breaking barriers and prejudices and all parties get their sleeves rolled up to deliver answers!

I am pleased to say that through working with Mikkel our relationship is now one of friends as well as professional colleagues and whenever I have a project in Northern Europe (and often elsewhere as well) I pick up the phone to my "old pal" and we brainstorm to deliver the answers to some often tough questions. I just wished I could read Danish to be able to understand this book, but maybe I could convince him to translate it into a language I can understand :)"


Richard Zwicky, Founder & CEO Enquisite

"I've had the pleasure of speaking on panels with Mikkel in many countries around the world. Mikkel has a unique and thoughtful perspective on the entire industry, and is one of the few people I know who has genuine expertise in multiple areas of search marketing. This book should quickly become a necessary reference document for anyone involved in online marketing for their company or agency. For the practitioner, it's sure to be a guide to navigating the opportunities and dangers in any campaign. A must for any manager in online marketing; this book will provide you the information you need to cut through the noise, and make better decisions about your company's online marketing strategies."


Jamie Low, SEM/SEO Consultant

"Mikkel deMib Svendsen is a perfect example of the type of success story that Malcolm Gladwell describes in his new book Outliers. Having long ago put in his requisite minimum 10,000 hours toward the mastery of all things search, he is one of those rare talents that was in the right place at the right time, allowing him to maximize his advantage in the world of SEO. In particular, his thirst for learning and sharing has made him an invaluable resource not only to the search marketing community, but to the search engines themselves. Students of search would do well to pay attention."


Thomas Bindl, Refined Labs

"Having known Mikkel for more than 5 years I have to admit that he is one of the worlds brightest SEOs. Not only does he have a solid technical understanding of how servers work, but he also has a good understanding of economical needs for certain sites or industries. Combining this knowledge with some out-of-the-box-thinking he definitely knows SEO far better than most other people on this planet."


Keith Boswell, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist for Kaiser Permanente

"Mikkel understands the search engines and search engine marketing more than just about anyone on the planet. His technical expertise, as well as his keen humor, make him one of the elite minds in search and deliver amazing results for his clients."


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Martin Thorborg: "Kun Mikkel kan skrive en bog som denne og mange tak for at gøre det! ..."

Kenneth Rasmussen: "Jeg har nu øget mine besøgstal med mere en 300%, og jeg er kun nået til side 700 af SEO 2.0 ..."

Gorm, "Jeg ved ikke hvordan han gør det, men på en eller anden måde er det lykkes for Mikkel deMib, at skrive så det rammer både den uerfarne og nysgerrige, der gerne vil snuse lidt til SEO og den mere erfarne ..."

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Marshall Simmonds (New York Times): "Mikkel is an industry leader ... His insight and experience (and now book) is a welcomed addition to a topic that needs clarity and professionalism ..."

Shari Thurow: "I consider Mikkel deMib Svendsen to be one of the best search engine optimization (SEO) professionals worldwide ..."

Aaron Wall: "Few people have the SEO wisdom and experience Mikkel does. And fewer yet have his creativity ..."

Chris Sherman: "Mikkel is one of the most experienced SEOs practicing anywhere on the planet. We always seek him out to speak at our Search Marketing Expo shows ..."

Bill Hunt: "With this “must-own” book we will finally get all of the secrets and best practices hidden away in the mind of one of the worlds leading thought leaders and experienced practitioners of SEO ..."

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